I sell parts for a living and each salesman makes his own hourly rate and a commission.  A fellow salesman who happened to be off work refereed me a customer who needed to place a small order.   The customer gave me the part numbers and when I pulled up his account it showed his WERA racing number.

After the order was placed I was compelled to offer him my service.  I told him that I would be more than willing to work and offer an extra set of hands just to be able to experience a race on his pit crew. Just an honest and open question.   I was prepared in advance for the “yeah, sure I’ll call you” but to my surprise I was met with gratitude.  His response was that he was putting in everything he had this year, and that it may be his last.  Any extra help would be greatly appreciated.  My spirits immediately lifted.

I will make every effort to follow through and be part of whatever I can.  The experience will make every difference in the world to me.  It gives me a tangible hope for something to look forward to not only in the new year… but a sign that the Universe is indeed in support of my efforts, and that this is a path open to me.

You never know; the experience and travel will open up so many possibilities for other chance happenings.  The Universe has a way of helping things along for the better.  All you need to do is ask.