Why on earth would I want to try and make a career out of moving about on the road?  “Its not about the drive its about where your going..” my friends and family have told me many time this.  Imagine though if for you it didn’t matter where you were going – as long as you got to drive there… and loved every second of it!

The price of gas is my price of admission.  The type of car your driving determines what kind of “theme park” adventure awaits you… and all you need is a commute to work, or enough free time to go enjoy yourself.

People come in many different forms, and there are just as many types of drivers.   There is the casual driver who doesn’t really mind what he is driving as long as it runs, is moderately comfortable and gets to where they need to go.  Others drive fast as they can, and with the world in a blur of motion around them they thrive on the adrenalin rush.   Others who just go out for a drive want to see the scenery but to feel journey and smell the fresh air around them.   Taking in the experience as a whole requires all of these attributes… and every car is built differently with strength and weaknesses in each characteristic.

I was raised on a farm.  But all my relatives live in the city; so I am used to driving at night in the dark and deer infested countryside.  But I am also skilled at driving in the traffic and parking meter/garage infested urban environment.  But no matter where I am; I’m behind a wheel.

I’ve grown up on the road; and I’m now maturing on it.  I know what it looks like, and feels like, even smells like.  I live to drive.

The road is always changing and you never get to drive the same day over again.  The road is part of our world – even if its not a natural road –  but its alive and constantly changing.

I’ve owned lots of cars.  I can’t get enough of them.  I like buying a new car – learning all its tricks, and secrets.  I name it, take it with me, introduce it to my loved ones – and ultimately give it the honor of protecting me on the open road.

Do what you love and the money… forget the money: just let me do it to because I enjoy it.  Thats what makes me feel worthy.   I’m happy when I do it.

If I write about my reviews and experiences and one day become well known or famous; it will be through truth, hard work, dedication, and in a small way my opinion about what I like or dislike.

It doesn’t matter what happens either way: I’m just doing what makes me happy… and therefore I cannot fail.